About Maubere Security

Maubere Security guards. Photo © Basil Rolandsen (bouvetmedia.com)Maubere Security Lda began operations in Timor-Leste (East Timor) in January 2000. We are a Registered Business and Registered Security Service Provider. During these 18 years we have grown to become one of the larger organisations in Timor-Leste. Our East Timorese Managing Director and management structure oversee the employment and performance of 1,300 security personnel. We work for more than 100 clients at over 150 locations throughout Timor-Leste. Maubere Security have three expatriate advisors who provide commercial, administrative and operational advice and support, as required.

Our many clients include embassies, commercial businesses, NGOs, government and residential sites. This composition of clients should ensure the long-term viability of the business as a majority of sites have lengthy contracts or are committed to a long-term presence in Timor.

We are not affiliated to any political party or institution. Maubere Security have no relationship or allegiance to any societies, groups or associations, neither in Timor-Leste nor overseas.

Maubere Security is committed to expanding our current operations nationally, and now provide services to most districts.

Maubere Guards

Maubere Guards on duty at Ministry for Health compound in Comoro. Photo © Basil Rolandsen (bouvetmedia.com)The Maubere Security guards initially go through a three week, security guard specific training programme. In addition, the students receive training in first aid, emergency procedures and counter terrorism, as well as on their legal responsibilities as securty guards.

It is very important to Maubere Security that our clients are satisfied with our services. To ensure that all our personnel are capable of and confident in performing their client-related duties, we also provide additional skills-enhancing training where needed. If one of our guards should be absent for any reason, we will provide a qualified temporary replacement.

Our operating procedures can be changed or amended at any time to reflect changed requirements or threat levels.

Emergency Response

Maubere Security have a dedicated Rapid Response Unit on call to respond to client emergencies, 24 hours a day, every day.

A measure of our ability to respond during emergencies was demonstrated in May 2006 when there was a virtual breakdown of law and order throughout Timor-Leste and especially in Dili. While most government and private organisations ceased to function during this crisis, Maubere Security continued to operate at near full capacity throughout the whole of the emergency, providing guarding services to all of our clients.


Maubere Supervisors inspecting guards at Australian Residential Compound. Photo © Basil Rolandsen (bouvetmedia.com)Our Mobile Supervisors monitor client sites regularly. They visit at random times every shift to ensure that our security officers are working in accordance with their terms of reference, and also to offer verbal and physical assistance and guidance.

Our Duty Manager also visit all client sites, randomly or on an ‘on call’ basis. He will occatinally be accompanied by the Operations Managers. These visits act as an interface between field operations and project management, and ensure our quality control standards are maintained.


We provide formal and on-the-job training to all employees to ensure appropriate workplace skills are achieved and maintained. On-going personal development and up-skilling is provided to company employees as appropriate or in response to client requests. English language training is also provided to our employees on an on-going basis.

Health and Welfare

Maubere Security has a company sponsored health scheme for all employees. We provide free medical services and pharmaceuticals to our employees and their families.

We have also introduced a superannuation scheme, so that our employees if injured on duty receive substantial and ongoing compensation and remuneration.

Employment and Industrial Relations

We are an equal opportunity employer. Maubere Security employ men and women solely on merit, regardless of the applicant’s background. Our management encourages the employment of women and we currently have female officers at embassies, banks, offices and in similar environments.


Maubere has US$1,000,000 Public Liability Insurance currently held with Federal Insurance Timor S.A.